Our strategy is based on technical and fundamental analysis, we operate with the currency pair GBPAUD with a stop loss of 20 Pips and maximum take profit assigned at 150-200 pip, this strategy complies with:

( FIFO and No-Hedging market policy set up by NFA)
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FXTrader DTC 9.1 ( Last Update 11.12.2019 )


Introducción - FXTrader

FXTrader, is a strategy for the currency trader, it works by calculating the Linear Regression Channels of the price movement, its moving average, and MACD histogram (convergence and divergence), Impulse changes and Price Action.

Our operations are executed in the openings of the markets, it is a short-term strategy Day Trading

Our operations assign a maximum stop loss to 20 Pips (Stop losing) and its Take Profit of 150-200 Pips, we take Profits or Losses the same day to continue the next day.

We never cling to a losing trade in eternity, we always go out or lose the same day as the session

Linear Regression Channels:

Linear regression channels contain most of the price movement. The upper line of the channel represents a resistance zone while the lower line of the channel represents a support zone. The price may extend out of the channel for a short period of time but if the price remains out of the channel for a long period of time, a change in trend direction may be close.
The channel is constructed by drawing two lines parallel to the linear regression trend line. These two lines, the channel lines, are located at an equidistant distance from the linear regression trend line (one standard deviation), one above and one below, forming the linear regression channel.

Data sheet of the MT4 Software and Indicators we use:

1.FXTrader.CO - FXDTC- FxChannel.ex4:
We develop a dynamic and real-time indicator, which shows the average and deviation of prices, the main function will be to contain prices in the channel. Important features:

• Trend following channel, bullish, bearish or in range (consolidation)
• Price container
• Capture price levels Overvalued and undervalued

2.FXTrader.CO - FxDTC Histogram advanced.ex4
The FXMACD histogram will give us insight into the balance of power between bulls and bears. It shows us not only who is in control, the bulls or bears, but it also tells us if that control is getting stronger or weaker.

Important features:
• Follower of Trend in major temporalities
• Capture price depletion points with divergences
• Know the price seasons, to improve market entry

3.FXTrader.CO - FxDTC.ex4

This is our main indicator FXTrader FXAccelerator Signal will give us a visual signal with an arrow to initiate a trade order to enter the buy (long) or sell (short) market, all signals are manually executed by our team of Traders.

4. FXTrader.CO - FXDTC Chart
Template that will help us to have a clearer view of the Japanese candles on your MetaTrader 4 trading platform, will be very helpful to be able to execute the entire strategy.
Important features:
• Nice Colors
• Help Recognize the most important candle patterns

5.FXTrader.CO - FXDTC.ex4
Our rigorous software, indicators and technical analysis confirm all the reasons to enter the most liquid market in the world.

6. Fundamental, Sentimental and technical analysis.
Like all professional traders, the most important thing is the emotional control of the operations, in visual analysis of the charts and the price action.

We open operations in the openings of the markets of ASIA EUROPE AND NEWYORK,

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Trading high-leverage currencies carries a high level of risk and may not be appropriate for all types of investors. The high degree of market leverage can play both for and against the investor. Therefore, before trading currencies, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk tolerance. We remember that there is the possibility of losing part or all of the initial investment, so you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You must have prior knowledge of all the risks associated with currency trading and in case of doubt, seek the help of an independent financial advisor.

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