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Frequently Asked Questions from our followers at Zulutrade.com

Frequent questions

Some questions from our Followers

To follow our signals of our FXTrader DTC strategy you must use a leverage of 100: 1 and a deposit of US $ 100 we always recommend operating with micro-lots to have a risk of no more than 3%, we recommend that users never trade more than 2% of your account.

This strategy complies with regulations ( FIFO and No-Hedging market policy set up by NFA)

You can select up to 30 Regulated and Available Brokers in Zulutrade

To Follow the signs you do not require a VPS, you only have to have:
1. A Real Account in a Trusted Broker with a minimum deposit of US100
2.Be duly registered at Zulutrade.com
3. You must link your broker account in Zulutrade to start receiving operations from signal providers.


You can copy our signals into a demo to verify and demonstrate on our own our strategy for the time assigned by zulutrade, you can also see the history of operations in zulutrade if you already have knowledge of currency trading, then you can activate a real account and start trading earn pips daily.

Currently we do not use Hedge trades on all our entries to the foreign exchange market, we open a maximum (ONE OPEN TRADE) in the FXTrader DTC 9.1  strategy,

We try to operate in the moments of greatest liquidity in the market, sometimes the Forex market behaves unpredictable or erratic due to fundamental events and market manipulation and technical analysis ceases to be useful, under these situations the strategy will avoid carrying out operations and in some In cases to counter the losses in repurchase or resale entries, we DO NOT use Hedging strategies, we never multiply or overs leverage the account, at the end of these events we will have a breakeven and a small Gain, few losses.

Our strategy is configured to have a performance of Winning operations with Profit greater than 65%, but we will always have Larger Winning operations, than the losers,
Example: 2 Consecutive Losses of 20 Pips Each, and a Winner of 70 Pips

Because it is a high volatility pair, most investors do not tolerate frustration at loss, this parity is not included in our signal portfolio in Zulutrade, we only use it for demonstration purposes in the presentation video.

Currently the strategy is not available for sale to the public, other providers offer their strategies, bots, indicators, EA, etc. for sale.
Our purpose is to have a team of followers of our signals that have a human factor included and that can benefit in the long term from our entries in the currency market

For all the followers residing in the United States country they will be able to follow the signals without any restriction by the broker, we apply the FIFO policy and not Hedging.

The FIFO of EE. USA And the no coverage policy

FIFO stands for "First in, First out."

According to its rules, a trader or investor will have to close the oldest open positions first, in case he is trading on multiple trades of the same size and pair.

FIFO ensures that investors do not hold onto open positions for eternity while doing other trades on the same currency pair. This is done to keep the market active and therefore its volatility. Fluctuations often stagnate due to open positions. FIFO seeks to amend these possibilities and achieve a perfect and profitable business experience.

Our service is limited to being consistent and profitable signal providers in the Forex Market on the zulutrade platform, due to the nature of the currency market (Forex) and its manipulation by institutional operators we do not sell specialized courses or trainings to use our strategy of manually, the course or training we recommend is the Fx for aliving (Spanish) with its strategy in the European opening, if you want to learn trading faster and easier and at a time that suits your work, we recommend trading courses with Futures or Shares with their New York Opening hours, for these if you require more investment Capital.

FXTrader as a signal provider does not receive any money from the public, each user must have an active account in their broker compatible with Zulutrade.com

FXTrader is a free signal provider using the currency market, all interested users can copy our signals for free or with a real account registered in Zulutrade.com, therefore we do not offer referral services, direct sales, or multilevel systems or ponzi pyramids.

Currently we only offer the signals service for the forex market on the CopyTrading Platform at Zulutrade.com.

Zulutrade is a Social Auto Trading Platform for the Forex market.


AutoTrading: When the purchase / sale operations are carried out in an automated way by robots or expert agents (called "Traders"). Basically they are algorithms that are programmed with languages ​​like MQL5

Social: We could say that it is a social network of people interested in Forex. It connects supply and demand.

Offer: People with knowledge of auto trading (Forex + Programming) who design their own robots and publish them in Zulutrade (where they are called Traders). There are more than 100,000 traders currently that can be copied through Zulutrade.

Demand: People interested in investing in Forex who want to capitalize on their capital but do not want to be 24 hours on the market or dedicate themselves to it. So they copy the signal of the robots published in Zulutrade, what is called “copy trading” [3] or “mirror trading”

Forex: It is the ideal market due to:
High number of transactions and volume (about 3.8 billion dollars a day).

It operates 24 hours a day (except weekends) and worldwide.
Variety of influencing factors and low possibility of being manipulated.
All this leads us to that Zulutrade allows investors interested in Forex to copy the operations of expert Traders:

Register for free at Zulutrade.com

During all our backeting and laboratory exercises with our FXTrader strategy we have used the AAAFX.COM broker for its low spreed and its characteristics and excellent customer service, we recommend it, but the user is free to choose their broker under their basic requirements and availability in Zulutrade

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