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Profitable Strategy Foreign Exchange Market (FX)

We operate the GBPCHF Parity, Stop Loss 95 Pips Take Profit 35 Pips

Monetary Management Forex Strategy, Rapid and Reduced Stop, Large Take profit.

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BETA Testing - Statistics Real Time FXTrader - DTZ 10.1

Statistics updated as of Mayo 20, 2020


Winning Trades




Total Profit  Pips


Maximum Drawdown Pips


Max Open Trades.
(0.01) = 0.01


Ranking Zulutrade


AVG Time Trade (Hours)


Protit USD Deposit USD $5000 + 50%

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FXTrader TM

Our strategy combines several strategies to obtain the best possible probability in the most liquid pairs of the currency market, we operate with a maximum of 6 Open Trade (One Open Trade) GBPCHF parity, with a deposit of US $ 1000, a stop loss of 95 pips With a profit stop of 35 Pips, we operate from the Asian opening to NewY ork

Methods and Indicators Used: MACD, RSI, Trendlines, Channels, Volume, Price Action, Impulse Changes, Elliot Waves, Fundamental News Forexfactory.com.


FXTrader DTS, It is a strategy that uses Temporalities 5min, 15min, 30min, 1H We try to follow institutional traders and moments of panic in the markets, we make our entries analyzing the movements of the market price (Action Price), additionally we use specific analysis techniques technical, fundamental analysis, Sentimental, we use forexfactory.com as a news tool to confirm our entries.

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Stop Loss

Stop Loss (SL) It is defined as an order that you either send to your Broker telling him to limit losses in an open position (or trade). As Investors Our Strategy has a stop of Exit (Sale) 14 Pips.


Take profit 

Target price is an order that we send to our your Broker, informing them to close their position when the price reaches a price level Our strategy has a profit taking target of 35 Pips maximum


Correlated Pairs

Our strategy is based on Positive and Negative Correlations to obtain daily benefits, we operate in markets where emotions affect strategies to obtain an advantage over them.


Gross Monthly Benefit

It is defined as the longest winning streak followed by the strategy on the profit curve between a minimum capital and the subsequent maximum. Our Strategy Has a Monthly Performance Streak Over 20%

FXTrader - TM 10.2

FXTrader TM 10.1 is a strategy that operates in the currency market, We use 15min, 30min, 1H, Daily and Weekly Temporalities and it works following institutional traders and market momentum, our strategy is based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, Sentimental and Price Action. 

Rentabilidad Mensual

Our maximum monthly return obtained in a period of one month is 22% with a very low risk, and the minimum return is 11%

DrawnDown Bajo

Capital Management we measure it in pips, our strategy could have a maximum Drawdown in Pips of 100

Currency Pair - Strategy

  • GBPUSD                           Opening 1GMT
  • GBPUSDLondon - Madrid
  • GBPUSDNew York

Testing our strategy on a USDMXN emerging pair


Some traders enjoy the possibility of higher gains that accompany high volatility currency pairs.
Our strategies are based on liquid market operations Axis: GBPAUD (FXTrader DTC)

In the following video we show an example of an account testing our strategy on a volatile Pair

Our strategy meets the requirements: 
( FIFO and No-Hedging market policy set up by NFA)

FXTrader TM 10.2

Conservative Performance Strategy

USD $0
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We operate with 1 currency pair:


  • Minimum Monthly Profitability = 15%
  • Minimum Equity necessary to Trade = USD $100
  • Recommended Leverage   1:100
  • Maximum Drawdown in Pips = 800 Pips
  • Copy Trading Platform = ZULUTRADE.COM

Our Features



Our Capital Management allows us to have a low Drawdown Always low throughout the session in the operation of the strategy


Pips Earnings

Month by month you can accumulate Pips using our linked strategy in Zulutrade.


Trading History

n our Zulutrade.com trading history you will find available to the public our daily operations carried out in the currency market


Growth curve

Our strategies have a constant profit growth curve month to month with a low drawdown, with a Basic leverage of 1: 100 and a minimum deposit of US $ 100

Available Brokers to Execute Our Strategy

See complete list of Available Traders MetaTrader 4.0 for Strategy FXTrader DTC 9.1

Trading Schools that we recommend to our Clients and Followers

If you want to start a career as a professional trader we recommend the following Forex, Stock and Futures trading schools. 
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Trading high-leverage currencies carries a high level of risk and may not be appropriate for all types of investors. The high degree of market leverage can play both for and against the investor. Therefore, before trading currencies, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk tolerance. We remember that there is the possibility of losing part or all of the initial investment, so you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You must have prior knowledge of all the risks associated with currency trading and in case of doubt, seek the help of an independent financial advisor.

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